Enabling enterprises to manage and visualize their assets

A unified location-based application framework that enables enterprise users to track, manage and visualize all their assets – people, places and things.

Simplified approach to enterprise location-based applications

LocusEnterprise is a completely new approach to traditional location and spatial applications that are unwieldy and expensive to deploy.

LocusEnterprise is a customizable solution which incorporates asset tracking and location intelligence into your business applications and processes.

Location Tracking

At-a-glance dashboard and APIs give you and your applications immediate situational awareness of your resources across facilities.

Real-Time & Historical 
Location Data

Locus Enterprise offers location data lakes to provide a secure repository for historical location data. Utilize our powerful API queries and custom reports across space and time to enable key historical insights.

IoT, Sensor Data Visualization & Management

Every Internet of Things (IoT) device has a location. Access and visualize location 
information from these data-generating devices at enterprise scale.

Access Control

Take collaboration of your location data to another level within your enterprise. Share private map layers and asset classes with specific groups within their applications allowing complete control over your location data.

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