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LocusMaps enables your team to customize your map’s appearance on web and mobile in order to incorporate your brand’s style guide and bring your instance of LocusMaps to life. Customize your maps in these ways:

  • Map Geometry — assign fill and stroke colors of the main map categories.
  • Map Highlighting —change location pin color or add images to highlight points of interest.
  • User Interface — craft the appearance of your LocusMaps instance with mobile and web SDKs allowing brands to edit the color scheme and typography of features like the Levels View, Search View, Point of Interest View and more.
  • Language Support — display content in the language your team is speaking
  • And More — tag search keywords, categories, and recommended places.

Case Study — Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines has integrated LocusMaps throughout their web properties and mobile apps. They utilize LocusLabs’s web and mobile SDKs to present their customers with a branded Delta experience within their LocusMaps instance. Enabling many of the features described above, Delta offers their customers a useful, familiar, on-brand experience with LocusMaps.

Map Geometry

At Las Vegas International Airport (LAS, Level 2, Terminal 1), Delta has integrated LocusMaps into their website and mobile app. The Map Geometry utilizes Delta’s brand guidelines and styles as seen below.

LAS Airport Level 2, Terminal 1 as included in Delta’s website

The same section of LAS in the Delta iOS App

The customizations above were done with minimal effort as Delta only had to supply colors for the main map categories, e.g. restaurants, shops, check-in, etc. These were then applied to the respective elements and rendered consistently across all maps.

Map Highlighting

LocusMaps gives you the ability to highlight Points of Interest with either colored pins or imagery. The Delta ticketing counter is highlighted with their logo.
Custom logo for Delta’s check-in on the map (Delta website)

Delta’s check-in highlighted in the iOS App

UI Customization

LocusMaps enables you to customize fonts, typography, colors, and more. Delta defines colors for search, the background, sidebar, and aligns their typography.
UI customizations (Delta website)

UI Customizations (Delta iOS App)

Language Customization

LocusLabs offers customers the ability to translate LocusMaps into most major languages via the web or mobile SDKs. This allows you to present the right language to the right customer at the right time. Customized content such as names, descriptions, and addresses should be entered in the desired language.

And More

Define Recommended Searches (pre-populated suggestions when searching) and Recommended Places (icons that trigger auto searches) allowing your customers to easily find your Points of Interest.


Customization options available in the LocusMaps SDKs allow customers to make our maps their own while providing their customers a familiar and consistent brand experience.

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