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Indoor Mapping for Smart Offices

LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces helps you and your staff find colleagues, book available meeting spaces, navigate an unfamiliar campus and leverage mapping data to understand how your real estate is used.

LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces is an Indoor Mapping system that integrates with your corporate directory and facilities management systems. It can be deployed to employees’ smartphones, kiosk stations, interactive signage or your company portal.  


Find people, meeting spaces and office amenities

Quickly navigate to your destination

Map-enable any facilities/asset management application

Book available conference rooms in real-time

Manage office layout/assets as easy as drag-and-drop

Deploy to any screen

Available for

Mobile SDK




LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces Features

Search in Map

Easily search for people, rooms, offices, desk locations, and amenities. Integrates with your corporate directory.

Get Directions

Get navigation directions and walking times between any two points on campus or from your current location.

Get Your Office on The Map

Easily create indoor maps with LocusMaps Reality Capture for your office, even if you don’t have up-to-date CAD diagrams. 


Skin the maps and user interface look-and-feel to match your company’s branding requirements.


Engagement dashboards report search and usage info; standard reporting of footfall, and dwell and location analytics are also available.

Schedule Conference Rooms

View nearby available conference rooms and book instantly. Integrates with Office 365 or GSuite as well as sensors and IoT devices.

Share Locations

Share your current location with your colleagues or send any location within your office.

Data Management

Ensure your digital office maps are up-to-date via integration with your facilities management system and/or using the LocusVMS management tool. 

IoT Platform

Map-enable any facilities/asset management application leveraging rich cross-platform APIs, including IoT sensors and systems. 

Available on Any Screen

LocusMaps deploys to apps, websites, interactive signage, and kiosks.

LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces provides an Intelligent, Integrated Workplace User Experience

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