An easy-to-use application to manage your venue location data

LocusVMS (Venue Management System) lets authorized users easily add, delete, edit, and publish spatial content to every application at once from a web browser.

A Radically New Approach To An Age-Old Problem

Historically, making changes to your venue maps and point-of-interest information meant only a select few in an organization had the right applications and skills to make ongoing changes. The result was siloed spatial data residing in hard-to-use monolithic applications.

LocusVMS is the foundational management application which empowers authorized users across the organization by allowing them to manage the spatial content pertinent to them, without having to be CAD or GIS experts. LocusVMS breaks down traditional venue data management barriers and makes location data accessible and manageable by everyone.

Collaborate, Manage, 
And Publish

LocusVMS gives venue stakeholders the ability to easily collaborate, manage and publish spatial and location data. Add, remove, update, and move points-of-interest, tune routing information, and manage details ranging from photos to keywords to temporary closures.

LocusVMS runs in a web browser and is accessible from anywhere and usable by everyone from facilities to marketing to space planning personnel. It is designed to run independently, or alongside a GIS as a complement to your existing processes and applications.

Export to Other Applications

Share and publish your venue map and information with LocusVMS

  • The Data Export capability allows you to export a snapshot of the venue map and POI data as a GeoJSON file.
  • LocusLabs Geodata Exchange Service publishes a subset of your map and POI information to Apple Maps viaIMDF, as well as Google Maps so users of these services are always seeing the most up-to-date venue information

Change once, publish everywhere

Your single source of geodata truth

No need to copy / paste data changes into disparate systems and worry about keeping them in sync. LocusVMS can be your single source of truth for your spatial and location data.

Publish to any screen or application

Changes made in LocusVMS publish to all applications using LocusMaps SDK or companion applications. No app update needed.

Complement your existing GIS

Import data from existing systems and publish data back. Give control to others in the organization.