How LocusVMS empowers you to manage your location and point-of-interest data

The funny thing about maps is that they’re often inaccurate almost as soon as they’re published, leaving venue operators asking themselves why they bothered producing one in the first place. Things change — and in airport, workplace, hospitality and retail environments, they change more or less constantly. In fact, many LocusLabs customers require changes their data more than five times per week.

Mapping technology’s data turnover logjam

Legacy software tools for maintaining spatial data require specialized skills and technical knowledge. Oftentimes, waiting for a GIS or CAD data management expert to find the bandwidth means long delays in adding, editing, and publishing datasets. Meanwhile, publishing across multiple screens (browser, mobile app, on-premise kiosks/displays) only compounds the struggle.

If your visitors or employees rely on your indoor maps for search and wayfinding, “up to date, as of last month” is not enough. Venue operators need an easy-to-use spatial content management system, for which the technical sophistication bar is set at “Powerpoint” instead of AutoCAD.

LocusVMS: Map management made easy

Editing POI and Location data with LocusVMS

With LocusVMS, it’s strikingly simple to upload, change, and publish point-of-interest details and metadata and location information — and publish the new maps out to every screen.

What’s more, the Map Notes feature of LocusVMS enables you to mark up a venue map so you and your colleagues can coordinate changes without touching source data. LocusVMS tablet users in the field can drop pins on the map to create Map Notes complete with images and comments.

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