Introducing LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces, an indoor mapping platform that improves workplace productivity with search, navigation, and real-time conference room scheduling

The days of getting lost in massive corporate campuses or scrambling to find available conference rooms are over with LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces.

The new indoor mapping platform by LocusLabs is the next step in smart office evolution. The system leverages recent advancements in mobile and IoT technology to maximize smart work-habit trends.

LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces increases worker productivity and improves the workplace experience by providing search capabilities for people and things, intuitive room/desk scheduling, and wayfinding technology.

Real-Time Search and Increased Productivitylocuslabs indoor mapping, smart office

Employees can use LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces to find people, places, and things in real-time.

Integration with Office 365 or G-Suite enables display and instant booking of conference rooms and hot desks. Employees can access LocusMaps on the web, mobile, kiosk screens, or via digital signage within buildings.

Real estate planners and facilities managers can gather valuable data and insights on how buildings are used, what people are looking for, and how they spend their time. No longer will employees and visitors miss critical meetings, wandering campuses looking for conference rooms. Vendors and delivery personnel can make their rounds on time. A smart office environment helps employees focus and work effectively.

The Evolution of LocusMaps

Launched in 2015, LocusLabs first developed an indoor location solution for the airline industry. The platform enables airlines to help passengers navigate expansive airports and catch their flight on-time using the airline mobile app. More than 400 million users have used LocusMaps on their mobile devices via travel and hospitality applications.

Several  Fortune 500 companies are now in the process of launching LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces within their corporate offices.

“The cost savings from increased productivity alone make this an easy choice for our corporate customers, but the less-measurable benefits to workplace experience are what we’ve been hearing about most from employees,” says Campbell Kennedy, CEO & Co-founder of LocusLabs.

LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces Key FeaturesReal-Time Search

Find and book available conference rooms in real-time

  • Last-minute meetings can be scheduled with visual feedback on the nearest or most suitable conference room that meets your needs.


  • Avoid being late by getting directions to any place on campus from where you are; includes multi-building and multi-floor navigation.
  • Vendors and delivery service personnel deliver your goods faster.

Quickly find People, Places, and Things

  • Use Smart Workplaces to locate colleagues’ offices or desks.
  • LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces helps you find anything from where to grab a coffee to an ATM or printer.

Integrate with an existing employee app or white-label Smart Workplaces:

  • If your company has an existing employee-facing app, you can embed LocusMaps SDK and get the Smart Workplaces functionality.
  • If not, we provide a white-label application that can be tailored to your needs centered on branding and your security/access control.

Integrate with existing facilities management systems, or use LocusVMS in their absence:

  • LocusMaps easily integrates with your existing facilities management system for data imports/exports.
  • If you don’t have a system, your facilities management staff can use LocusVMS as a lightweight solution to manage workplace configuration and track assets.

The Tech & Data Behind LocusMaps for Smart Workplacessmart workplaces tablet

The LocusMaps platform can digitize your existing building schematics, and/or capture an up-to-date 3D digital representation of the office using proprietary self-service reality capture tools. This data is used to create accurate, up-to-date maps of the office. A second layer on top of this map describes amenities and specific locations, for instance, conference rooms, bathrooms, kitchenettes, sensors, IoT devices, etcetera.

Desk locations of your employees are added similarly. This data can be obtained automatically through integration with an existing facility management system. If you don’t have one, your facilities management staff can use LocusVMS, our venue management system to manage this data.

LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces also integrates with your scheduling system (Office 365 or GSuite) to book or check the availability of meeting rooms. The resulting map deploys to your employees’ screens, digital signage or other screens through LocusMaps SDKs or a hosted, themed building directory. An employee’s indoor location is obtained through “blue-dot” services in iOS, or via Bluetooth beacons installed and managed using self-service tools.

What’s Next for Smart Workplaces?

The short-term roadmap for LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces includes the development of off-campus solutions, such as real-time visualization of shuttle locations. Future development focuses on the ability to “find my co-worker,” enhanced spatial analytics and recommendations, asset tracking, mail delivery, and further integrations with complementary scheduling and facilities management systems.

LocusMaps for Smart Workplaces addresses the growing trends of smart offices and a dynamic, mobile workforce. Using IoT integrations, spatial analytics, and real-time location, Smart Workplaces provides a friendlier, more accessible, and more productive environment for employees and businesses.

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