by | Aug 19, 2019 | Airlines, Airports & Travel

Millennials are one of the most travel-savvy demographics, with many having been well-seasoned travellers since childhood, writes Andy Besant.

In fact, 61% of 25 to 34 year olds first flew by the age of 10, according to research from airport lounge provider, Club Aspire.

Coupled with an ever-expanding list of destinations and increasingly affordable flights, it’s the norm for younger people to take to the skies several times a year. Especially with social media driving awareness of unique destinations around the world.

Indeed, a new wave of wanderlust is seeing millennials and Generation Zers increasingly travel off the beaten track – aided by modern technologies to plan, enhance, capture and share every aspect of their journey…….

…….Technology companies such as LocusLabs use beacons to underpin wayfinding apps in airport terminals, offering passengers a helpful, real-time way of navigating to nearby restaurants, airport facilities and their departure gate.

Priority Pass in app airport maps uses this technology to help members locate available lounges and other airport amenities, providing a hassle free travel experience – useful for those who might be facing a short layover.

These capabilities particularly cater to the younger generation for whom digital navigation is key; millennials have been found to use mobile-based maps on at least a weekly basis.

• Paperless boarding and virtual loyalty cards:A well-established feature, mobile boarding passes that slot easily into travellers’ virtual wallets and smartwatches, make getting through security or making a purchase a far more streamlined experience.

Tech-savvy passengers no longer face rifling through their carry-on luggage for their boarding pass and can instead breeze through boarding gates with a turn of the wrist.