How United Airlines is reducing missed connections with LocusMaps

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Airlines, Airports & Travel

Missing a connection is among the most frustrating experiences an airline passenger can endure. It’s expensive for airlines — in rebooking costs, sure, but also in the hit to customer satisfaction. Oftentimes, the cause of a missed connection comes down to confusion and disorientation. What’s my next gate again? Is that in this terminal? Oh, it’s in this terminal but not in this concourse? I don’t have to go through security again… do I?

Fortunately, innovations in built-space mapping, and wayfinding and location services mean that airlines can now help passengers understand where they need to go, how long it will take, and how to get there — before their first-leg flight is even done taxiing to the gate.

United Airlines rolled out the “ConnectionSaver” feature in their mobile app this past summer, partnering with LocusLabs to provide interactive maps and navigation between gates, prompted by a push notification during the trip.

And it doesn’t stop there. ConnectionSaver also feeds LocusLabs time-and-distance data to airline systems to help make determinations about holding flights for connecting passengers, helping more folks make their flights and get to where they’re going.

Read more about LocusMaps here.

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